Sep 3, 2020

2 min read

The Act of Repetition

Image by Shutterstock

Ever wondered how often do we end up in a persisting situation in life? A feeling of Déjà vu! Reasons could be many, but one that I comprehend is the refusal to accept change. We get so perturbed with the notion of transformation that we fail to manifest it aptly.

Sometimes in life, we keep making the same mistake until we learn the lesson life is trying to teach us. Time and again, individuals undergo difficult identical circumstances but fail to fathom the cause behind it. We believe our definition of life is right and doesn’t require any alterations. One of the biggest misconceptions people have these days is, I am the best version of myself and don’t need any modifications. Majority of the people feel it is onerous and a waste of time.

I was a poster child of tripping over the same rock, again and again. However, I stopped beating myself over it once I solved the mystery behind my mistakes. I fell in love thrice but ended up in the same situation in all 3 instances. I had to undergo excruciating pain in my 2nd relationship before I could apprehend the reasons behind its failure. Nonetheless, I finally learned the nuances of a relationship, the 3rd time, and reconciled with my metamorphosis. I gathered the reason behind replications, worked upon them, and evolved in process.

Change is inevitable and shouldn’t be procrastinated. It is the only constant and helps us in building a better version of ourselves. If we can understand the lessons behind the repetitive patterns, we can consciously try to shift our thoughts and actions by dissolving archetypes and controlling the chaos. Accepting change only helps us discover more about our inner selves along with the idea of a positive mindset.

Find your pattern. Find your lesson. An appropriate way of recognizing the blueprint of your life is by listening to your feelings and intuitions. When we do so, we can transform our lives for good by understanding the covert message. Embrace the change!